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Gina O'Toole

Gina O'Toole is an at large executive board member of the North Shore Labor Council. She's an elected delegate through her union membership with the Lynn Teachers Union, AFT MA Local 1037. Gina's a paraprofessional currently on leave with Lynn Public Schools and recently employed with AFT MA, AFT NEROP division. She is a Member Organizer with NEROP, and a proud union member of the Washington-Baltimore Newspaper Guild, TNG-CWA Local 32035. How many folks can say they belong to two unions? Gina was first introduced to the NSLC through Brant Duncan and they worked together on the ballot question, No on 2, campaign. She was then brought into the Woman’s committee by Lorraine Gately. There she met Rebecca Hornstein, (NSLC organizer at the time), Marjie Crosby, and several other lovely ladies. Gina enjoyed working with them planning the Woman’s breakfast and other activities.  Lorraine was a delegate at the time and she encouraged Gina to run for delegate to get more involved with the council.